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O. F. Christner at boat show, Cypress Gardens, FL - Nov 2001


Our father, O. F. "Chris" Christner loved all outboard engines, not just racing engines. As many of you know, he was a Mercury Outboard dealer for over 40 years and also sold pleasure boats for many years. Click on the various "Collections" buttons to see more pictures.



Cypress Gardens Boat Show - Nov. 2001


Photos of gorgeous restored wood boats on display at Cypress Gardens, Florida, in November of 2001. Click on the link to see more photos.

Click here for Boat Show pictures.

Antique Outboard Meet at Lake Shipp, FL - Oct. 2007


Lots of great, restored pleasure and race boats and motors. Wet meet held by a chapter of the Antique Outboard Motor Club in October of 2007.

Click Here to see more pics of the 2007 Meet at Lake Shipp

2008 Mt. Dora Antique & Classic Boat Show


The 26th annual Mr. Dora, Florida, Antique & Classic Boat Show took place the same weekend as the US Title Series Boat Races at Inverness, Florida. The Mr. Dora boat & outboard motor show was actually held in Wooten Park at nearby Tavares and hosted over 220 antique & classic boats, numerous outboard motor collections and a nautical flea market. The collection of antique boats was outstanding and the collection of outboard motors fantastic. We look forward to next year's show.

Click Here to see more photos from the Mt. Dora show

Muscatine, Iowa - 2008


"That was Then, This is Now" Wooden, Fiberglassics, and Classic and Modern Racing Boat Show and Racing Exhibition was held May 16-18th, 2008, at Muscatine, Iowa. The City of Muscatine, Iowa, and the Clear Lake Chapter of the ACBS, held the "Best of Both Worlds" boat show and racing boat exhibition of mahogany wooden boats of the past, fiberglassics of the 50's and 60's, and racing boats from yesterday and today at the Mississippi Riverfront park. According to those that attended, it was a perfect place to see your favorite mahogany classics from Chris Crafts to Century, Hackercraft, Aristocraft, Speedliner, and others. Then stroll down to the early years of fiberglass boat construction with fiberglassics that will include early Correct Craft inboards to a Herter's Flying Fish or Beeline Outboard. Then jump ahead in time to the evolution in boating with racing boats of yesterday and today. There were open and closed cockpit boats in all categories from the Vintage Hydroplane Association to some of today's top boats in all of the classes of the American Drag Boat Association (ADBA) and American Power Boat Association (APBA) classes of competition. A special thanks to David and Allen Van Weele for taking the photos seen here. The Van Weeles have their own page under Collections as they too are avid collectors and there's a link to their web site on the Links page.

Click Here to see photos from the Muscatine show

Saint Michaels, Maryland Boat Show - 2008


Looper collector, Frank Novotny participated in and took photos of the St. Michaels Boat Show held in June of 2008. According to Frank: "I got some good pictures of some real nice boats. I got 3rd for FC-52 in the outboard division, got a 93 out of 100 points. The winner was a very early Johnson outboard(non racing) with 95 points. The judge told me he took points off for not having the side plate at the bottom on the tower. I explained to him that Quincy Welding did not use them. Oh well, he'll know next year. That's the way the ball bounces. However, I did get first for the top racing outbooard set up. I had FA-10 on the 1974 Bezoat hydro. It was a great weekend!!!! PS:I met a gentleman in his late 70's who came over and began to talk to me about when he started racing in '48. The kicker was that he brought a folder full of old pictures of outboards and inboards from that era and the 50's and 60's. We spoke for over an hour. His name is Alvin and said he knew your dad (O. F. Christner). Frank

Click Here to see photos fo the St. Michaels Boat Show

2008 Antique Outboard Motor Club Swap Meet hosted by Mark Suter


Mark Suter hosted an Antique Outboard Motor Club Swap Meet at his place in Byron, Michigan, on November 1st, 2008. Mark is an avid collector of antique outboard motors and outboard race engines, including some very rare engines. We thank Mark and his wife, Elaine, for sending us these photos to share with you and to his twin daughters for taking them for us.

Click Here to see the photos of the AOMC meet hosted by Mark Suter

Antique Outboard Motor Club Meet at Lake Shipp, FL - 2008


Members of the Antique Outboard Motor Club meet November 14th and 15th at Lake Shipp in Winterhaven, FL. Not only were there a large number of displays of antique outboard motors and boats, this was a wet meet. Many of the members took their beautifully restored boats out on Lake Shipp to turn a few laps.

Click Here to see photos of the AOMCI meet at Lake Shipp

Feb 2009 - AOMCI Meet at Tiger Lake, FL


The Antique Outboard Motor Club held a wet meet at Tiger Lake near Lake Wales, FL, Feb. 21st and 2nd. The event also marked the 100 year anniversary of the Evinrude Outboards. (Photos courtesy of AOMCI member & collector, Bob Dunlap.)

Click Here to see more Photos from the Tiger Lake Meet

2009 - AOMCI & Suter Meet


The AOMCI meet was held at the Suter home in spite of uncooperative weather. According to Mark, "The fields were unusable for parking as they have a lot of clay in the soil and they were very 'greasy' from all of the rain. So we had to get real creative about parking the 125 or so vehicles and trailers (it rained the whole day before the meet but not all that much during the meet). I was worried about the attendance but we topped 200 and that is a new record for the meet. Alan Van Weele had a great display of a dozen Merc motors and Tim Kurcz brought in two Formula E motors to showcase some of his creative efforts. The crowd loved both displays. Everyone seemed to have a great time." A special thanks to Mark Suter for sharing his photos of the event with all of us.

Click Here to see photos from the 2009 - AOMCI & Suter Meet

2009 - AOMCI Meet at Lake Shipp, FL


A Florida chapter of The Antique Outboard Motor Club Inc (AOMCI) held a meet November 13 & 14, 2009, at Lake Shipp near Winterhaven, FL. This was a wet meet, where members could also run their classic boats on the lake as well as display their boats and motors throughout the park grounds. The following information was taken from the aomci.org web site: Outboard motors have been manufactured for the better part of 90 years. Therefore, it is no surprise that a number of people should become interested in collecting antique outboards. The interest became so widespread that by 1960, antique outboard collectors began to correspond with one another. In October 1965, five collectors planned and organized "The Antique Outboard Motor Club". In January of 1966, the first issue of "The Antique Outboarder" was printed. Thirty copies were mailed to members. By October of 1966, membership had increased to more than 200 people in several countries. Our growth continues with membership now in the area of 3,000 dedicated members from (currently) 14 countries. A number of antique outboarders are "old-timers" who are motor and boating enthusiasts of long standing, or who have been involved in the manufacture of outboards. Other members just collect old outboards - a few members owning several hundred! Collecting is fun and exciting; some of these outboards are 5-cylinder, radial engine, tractor lower units, underwater engine, air drive units and folding motors - all typical forerunners of modern outboards.

Click Here to see more photos of the AOMCI meet at Lake Shipp

2010 Tavares Antique Boat Festival


The Sunnyland Annual Antique Boat Festival is one of the largest show of its kind in the US. March 26-28th of 2010 marked the 23rd year of the event. Wooton Park's water front on Lake Dora provided a spectacular setting for the 300+ boats, motor displays and numerous vendors of everything from outboard motor parts to weather vanes. SunnyLand is one of the largest Antique and Classic Boat Society chapters in the country. The park has undergone renovations and the city was putting the finishing touches on the landscaping around the marina, which included a new launch ramp and two new docks.

Click Here to see more photos from Tavares

2010 - Lake Mirror Classic Auto Festival


The 2010 Lake Mirror Classic Auto Festival was held in downtown Lakeland, Florida, on October 16th. A cloudless day with perfect Fall temperatures emphasized the brilliance of the chrome and color of nearly 700 classic show cars. The city of Lakeland blocked off several downtown streets and turned them over to the show cars and over 35,000 spectators. Distinguished racing driver, Lyn St. James, served as Honorary Chairperson for the event. Ms. St. James was the 1992 Indianapolis 500 Rookie of The Year (first woman to ever win). She competed in 7 Indianapolis 500s and 15 Indy Car events. She set the world record on a closed-course for women – reaching 225.722 mph during the 1995 Indy qualifying. She also enjoyed success in sports car racing with class victories at Sebring and Daytona.

Click Here to see photos of the 2010 Lake Mirror Classic Auto Festival

2010 - Roar n Soar


Race boats, classic boats, vintage cars & planes all met the weekend of November 13th & 14th at the Fantasy of Flight grounds in Polk County, Florida, for the 4th annual Roar n Soar event. Courtesy of the Classic Race Boat Association, some of the most elegant and powerful boats ever built performed exhibitions in a race-like setting on a 1.5 mile oval course on Lake Agnes. A host of vintage watercraft were also on display, including Dick Austin's collections of Quincy Loopers. Dick put on a spectacular show for the crowd when he took his powerful 6 cylinder Looper out onto the water and hit the throttle.

Click Here to see photos from Roar n Soar

2010 Mark Suter - AOMCI Meet


Mark Suter hosted another great Antique Outboard Motor Club meet at his Michigan home in early November. Mark reported: "The meet was a HUGE success. We had 241 registered attendees and we fed 167 of them (new records). The day started out cold (just under 30 degrees F) but warmed up to just under 50 by noon. The flea market was spectacular... there was something for everyone. The quality of the merch was unusually good... I think guys are saving the good stuff for this meet. We had lots of old racers, including Tom Low who took his usual number of pics. I can't begin to tell you all of the compliments I got on my rearranged & expanded display (the boats, motors and building decor) but I was overwhelmed with them. "K4" (Byers hydro with 8-cylinder Konig) was a definitely favorite point of interest. Elaine did a superb job on the food again. We barely had enough to feed all of the people that wanted food (we cooked for 175)." Almost 100 photos of the meet and Mark's collection are now posted here.

Click Here to see photos from the 2010 Mark Suter - AOMCI Meet in Michigan

2010 - AOMCI Meet at Lake Shipp, FL


The FL chapter of the Antique Outboard Motor Club Inc (AOMCI) held a wet meet on Lake Shipp at Winterhaven, FL, the 3rd weekend in November. Lake Shipp is one of the “Chain of Lakes” and is a great place for vintage boating and displaying boats and motors. Collectors from all around Florida and as far away at Maryland, Virginia and Tennessee attended this year's event. 384 vintage engines were on display, a new record for the group. This shattered the old group record by over 100 engines. A wide assortment of beautifully restored outboard engines were on display, along with many vintage boats.

Click Here to see photos from the AOMCI Meet at Lake Shipp

2011 - Mirror Lake Antique Auto, Bike & Boat Show


O. F. Christner loved cars as much as he loved building outboard motors. He always attended as many of the local car shows as time permitted, and instilled a love of classic cars in his three sons. O. F. would be in the front row for events such as Lakeland's Lake Mirro Classic Auto Festival, which features not only classic cars but also motorcycles and boats. This year's event included over 600 show vehicles with approximately 35,000 spectators. The show also featured several classes of Concours d'Elegance automobiles, including a few very rare cars. The motor in this picture is a Pontiac 421 dual quad.

Click Here to see photos from the Mirror Lake Show

2011 - Suter & AOMCI Meet, Byron, MI

Y100 in Quincy Corner p1.jpg

The popular Byron Swap Meet and Antique Outboard Show hosted by Mark & Elaine Suter, along with the Wolverine and Great Lake Chapters of the AOMCI (Antique Outboard Motor Club Inc.) was held on October 22nd, 2011 near Byron, MI. This year's meet featured People's Choice winners in 10 different categories of outboard motors, along with examples from some of the nicest outboard motor collections to be found. The latest addition to the Suter collection is a Quincy Welding corner, featuring Quincy Loopers and Quincy Z outboard racing engines, as shown in this photo. More photos from the meet coming very soon, so please check back!

Click Here to see Photos from the 2011 Suter & AOMCI Meet

2011 - Suter & AOMCI Meet, Byron, MI (part 2)


Mark sent so many great photos from the 2011 Byron meet that we had to expand to 2 pages to cover the event.

Click Here for more photos from the Suter & AOMCI Meet, Byron, MI

2012 Suter & AOMCI Meet, Byron, MI


This was the 2nd largest Wolverine Chapter meet ever at the Byron, Michigan home of Mark and Elaine Suter on October 20th. 251 members attended, plus invited guests, to view a wide variety of great vintage motors on display. As always, the Peoples Choice awards were popular in the show motor competition. Mark has expanded his collection with several interesting, vintage alky racing motors and race boats. A special thanks to Mark Suter for sending these great photos to us to share with all of you.

Click Here to see photos from the 2012 Suter & AOMCI Meet

2012 Suter & AOMCI Meet, Byron, MI (part 2)


We have so many great photos from this meet that we had to put them on 2 pages. Again, a special thanks to Mark and Elaine Suter for sending their photos of the event to us to post on the Looper site.

Click here to see more of the 2012 Suter & AOMCI Meet at Byron, MI

2012 - AOMCI Meet at Lake Shipp


Lake Shipp park in Winter Haven, FL, was the site November 16th & 17th of this annual meet. This year's event was hosted by Craig Gomersall & Jeff Gomersall. Events included a cruise to lunch on Friday and lots of great displays both Friday and Saturday. Feature of the meet was the Johnson "A" series engines from Model A through A-45 celebrating 100 years of Johnson outboard motors.

Click Here to see Photos of the Lake Shipp Meet

2013 Suter & AOMCI Meet, Byron, MI


October 19th of 2013 was the annual AOMCI - Suter meet at the home of Mark and Elaine Suter in Byron, MI. It was cohosted with the Wolverine & Great Lake AOMCI chapters. As always, great photos from both the meet and Mark's private museum. We wish to thank the Suters for their contributions to the Quincy site.

Click here to see photos from the 2013 meet.



Mark Suter Collection


Mark Suter is a member of the Antique Outboard Motor Club and has a collection of 325 outboard motors ranging in years from 1913 to 1984. His primary interest is in racing motors and has just under 100 of them. He began collecting in 1992 and is still looking to expand his racing motor collection today. Mark was born in 1942 in Waukesha, Wisconsin and lived his teenage years about 4 miles from the original Kiekhaefer Mercury plant in Cedarburg, Wisconsin (where the “green tank” Mercury racers were manufactured). His Dad worked briefly for Mercury but quit primarily because of Carl Kiekhaefer’s over-bearing personality. Some of Mark’s more memorable early boating experiences were in an eight-foot hydro powered by a modified Mercury KG7H motor. Although, he aspired to participate in sanctioned racing, his Dad would not allow it. Mark did travel around the greater Milwaukee area and avidly follow the local APBA races as a spectator. He later earned a BSME degree from the University of Wisconsin and spent his entire 34-year career with the Ford Motor Company working in Powertrain Engineering (30 years in engine design and development and the remainder in Transmission design). Toward the end of his career, he realized the need for a hobby to keep him occupied during retirement years and decided to resurrect his prior interest in outboard motors. Today, most of his time is spent in his “mini outboard museum” and shop where his entire collection is organized and on display and where his motor restorations are done. This essentially is a full-time job as many of the motors are yet to be restored. He enjoys showing his collection to any interested outboard motor enthusiasts and hosts one huge club swap meet each year. He also enjoys attending club “wet meets” where he can run some of the old motors on the water.

Click here to see the Suter Collection

Mark Suter Collection - page 2


Click on the link to see page 2.

Click Here for page 2 of Mark's Collection

David Acker - XF51


David Acker has a Quincy Looper that he has acquired and we would like to share with you on the Collections page. It is #XF-51, originally owned (according to the Quincy Welding records) by Jim Nichols. Jim Nichols was a racer from Kansas City, Missouri, that owned a successful KC restaurant known for it's home cooking. Thanks David for sharing your Looper with us. To see other motors in David's collection, please click on the link.

Click Here to see the rest of Dave's Collection

Dick Austin's Looper Collection


Dick Austin has 2 6-cylinder "F" Quincy Loopers in his collection, both were originally purchased from Quincy Welding by Dick. Dick entertained the crowds at the reunion in DePue, Illinois, in July of 2007 by running one of the F Loopers. The sound of a screaming 6 cylinder Looper is something you don't soon forget!

Click Here to see Dick Austin's Looper Collection

Todd Booth collection


Todd Booth has a wide variety of engines in his collection - including some very rare, one of a kind engines. His diverse collection includes early Honda drag bikes, a 1971 4 cylinder racing snowmobile and 1910 prototype twin cylinder diesel engine.

Click Here to see the collection of Todd Booth

Bob Dunlap Collection


Bob is a long time collector and can be found at many of the antique outboard meets around the southest part of the US. Bob's collection includes many Quincy Loopers and a mint, in the crate, Konig race engine.

Click to see the Collection

A Florida Collection


This diverse collection contains many older race engines - Konigs, Anzani, OMC Midgets, Quincy Mods, Quincy Loopers and a rare Quincy Z engine. The collection also contains a wide variety of old outboard engines, including - Johnsons, Evinrudes, Mercs, Eltos and Lockwood Chiefs. The owner of the collection also has a variety of vintage race boats, both hydroplanes and runabouts. We thank the owner of the collection for sharing this rich heritage of outboard history with us.

Click to see the Collection

Joe Garrick


Joe Garrick is an outboard collector and a former outboard boat racer. Joe raced both Quincy Loopers and Z engines. This photo from February of 2009 is of Joe holding the first Quincy Looper cylinder and the first Quincy Z cylinder ever made. When we can talk Joe into doing his racing biography for us, we will add it to our Racing Legends page.

Click Here to see Joe's Outboard Collection

Roger Hinsdale Collection


I have always been interested in boats and motors. My family has always had a cottage on a lake in NY's Finger Lake area. As for APBA racing, it was Riggs Smith (Comet, 12-N) who got me started just before I graduated from high school. I built a Hal Kelly "C" hydro and raced it in C-stock for just a short period. Before the short racing stint I started by building a minimax and had a 5hp SeaKing on it. That wasn't fast enough so I built a bunch of Kg7's and eventually got a KG7H. Then I built the Hal Kelly and the 30H. Wish I had that outfit today. About that time my friend bought an A-B Swift and a 20H Conversion. That was a hand full, and we blew it over a couple of times. It wasn't long before I bought a D hydro and built a 55H. The C & D hydros were my main rides until the time our kids were old enough to water ski. I bought a Stevens SK and rigged a Merc1125 on it. I'm trying to find that boat to restore it now. Was over on Keuka Lake last I knew. When my son got old enough we got back into race boats for a while. We ended up with a C&D hydro and a B-utility that I eventually sold to a collector in Endicott NY. Sure wish I had kept all this equipment!!! I'm retired after 30 years with IBM as a development engineer. Funny how my education and work were electronics oriented, but all of my hobbies are mechanical in nature. I restored Corvettes for years and owned a 65 Fuel Injected Coupe for 21 years. I must have rebuilt around 30 Rochester FI units for friends over the years. I finished that hobby by building a 32 Pontiac Sedan street rod from scratch. Quite a ride! Boats and boating has always been a huge part of my life. My wife (Margo) has put up with me all these years. She knows right where I am - in the garage. We retired to Tennessee in 2001 and found comfortable place on the Tennessee River on Watts Bar Lake. I started buying and restoring race boats and motors soon after we retired. I sold the street rod to purchase a Bryant deck boat. After that came a D SpeedLiner from Bob Dunlap. Followed by the C-7 TerrilCraft F-runabout and a 17' Molinari. As for motors, I've finished or am restoring the following: Quincy "C" Deflector C202, Quincy "D" Looper FD-67, 30H, C-Mod Merc, Mk58H-Mod motor, 20H w/conversion, 650X, Merc1000 w/Quincy LU and SpeedMaster, Mark55E, Lee Kurcz 4-carb 44 cu.in Mod motor, 55H, 150HP Chrysler Stacker, 135HP Chrysler w/racing LU (no pipes). I'll soon be needing a Johnson RS or Evinrude CCC for the Molinari. Will probably build a 2.5L Mercury for it as well. I'll be running the TerrilCraft in Vintage events this year and hope to have the Molinari ready for next year. I found out early that I wasn't going to be the best racer in the world. I really like building the equipment, but didn't have the killer competitiveness it takes to drive. Basically my job and family took up too much time for me to continue racing. Thus I became a river racer at heart, and still am today. See you at the races and meets - whatever floats your boat! I would welcome communication with fellow racers - restorers Roger Hinsdale 845 Dreamland Road, Spring City, TN 37381 eMail: hinsdale@bellsouth.net phone: 423-452-0428. Regards, Roger

Click to see Roger Hinsdale's Collection

Joe Johnson's D Looper


Joe Johnson recently restored this Quincy Welding "D" Looper. Very nice restoration job, Joe!

Click Here to see more photos of Joe's D Looper

Hans Kirpestein - 1915 Indian Road Racer


This red 1915 Indian "model D road racer was recently restored by Hans and Danielle Kirpestein of the Netherlands. Hans said they bought it in 2004 from the original owner and have all of the original records for this bike. The dark blue motorcycle is a 1936 Indian Traffic Car, which Hans rebuilt/ extended and build the body from scratch to convert it purposely for hauling their very rare racing bike. Hans also built a bike hauler in the traditional style to take their Indian motorcycle to events. Hans said his grandfather started an Indian dealership back in 1914, so his hobby is connected to his family's heritage. Beautiful workmanship and preserved history!

David Liebetreu Collection


The beautifully restored Mercury with Quincy Welding pipes on the front page of this web site is owned by David Liebetreu, who lives in Florida. David said: "I have been interested in boating ever since I was small growing up and spending the summers on a lake in Michigan. At this young age, I stood on shore in amazement watching Dick Austin, Ken Pangborn, David Hahn, test and run their high performance race boats across the lake. The images are burned into my memory."

Click on the link to see David's collection

Marty's Rare Motorcycle Collection


O. F. Christner had a passion for all things with engines (especially racing engines), including motorcycles. O. F. owned, in the mid 1960's, one of the first Bultaco street bikes in Illinois. He also had the first 450cc Honda in Quincy, IL. He would have appreciated Marty's unique collection of rare racing and street motorcycles, especially the British bikes. Thank you Marty for contributing your photos to the Quincy web site for all to enjoy.

Click Here to see photos of Marty's Rare Motorcycle Collection

Artie Neadeck


Artie Neadeck of Quincy, IL, was a long time Quincy Welding customer and successful boat racer that now owns and displays a traveling Quincy Welding Museum. Artie takes his museum & collection on the road to various antique outboard meets and outboard racing events. Artie not only has an outstanding collection of Quincy Welding engines and priceless original memorabilia, Artie also owns and shows a rare restored boat, the Ring of Fire. The boat was originally owned by Marshall Grant, band member of the Johnny Cash band, and was raced by the famous Dickie Pond and Billy Seebold. Artie was also responsible for putting together the inaugural O. F. Christner Memorial Meet in 2003 at Quincy, IL, held at Twin Oaks Boat Club on Quincy bay, where Quincy Welding water tested their racing outboards. The Christner family truly appreciates Artie Neadeck's continuing support and his mobile Quincy Welding museum.

Click Here to see more on the Artie Neadeck collection

Frank Novotny's Looper Collection


Frank Novotny was an outboard racer in the 1970's as 52-E. Now Frank likes to collect and restore old race engines. Frank purchased several Quincy Loopers in the spring of 2007 and spent the next few months restoring one of them. We follow Frank through the restoration process so you can see the dedication and skill Frank used to bring this aged Looper back to life.

Click Here to see Frank's Looper Collection

Richard (Dick) Ollhoff Collection


Dick Ollhoff is well known and respected for his restorations of vintage motorcycles. Dick is known by Quincy Welding fans for his reproduction Quincy 60 ci XF Loopers. He also collects Quincy Loopers and other Quincy Welding race engines. Dick's collection includes a rare 44F Quincy Looper engine (XF-14) owned and raced by Jerry Waldman.

Click Here to see the Ollhoff Collection

Bob Rusnak Looper Collection


Bob Rusnak not only successfully raced outboards under the number N-96 for many years, he has also collected a couple of Quincy Looper engines that he has sent us photos of to share with you here.

Click Here to see Bob's Quincy Loopers

John Schubert's Collection


Schubert's restored Quincy Looper FB148. Other pictures of his collection coming soon!

Click here to see John Schubert's collection.

A Southern Collection


Click on the Link to see a private collection (the owner does not want us to use his name) who lives in the southeast part of the country. This is a very diverse collection, which includes Mercurys, modified Merc, Konigs, Evinrudes & others.

Click to see the Collection

Jamie Tribley Collection


Jamie Tribley and his father, Ronald, are proud owner of some beautifully restored Sid-Craft stock runabouts and Mercury race engines. This includes the beautifully restored 44 ci (F) Quincy Looper Flathead in this photo.

Click Here to see more photos of the Tribley collection.

Alan & David Van Weele Collection


Aeroliner Race Boats was started in the mid 1960's by brothers Alan and David Van Weele. Alan started boat racing in 1955 with the purchase of a new Mercury Mark 20H and a new Speedliner Corsair Model 510. David originally crewed for his brother but by 1959 he had his first boat, a used Bathtub Sid Craft with a KG4H. They both raced in the Northeast with APBA and locally on Long Island with the Eastern Outboard Racing Club. Mainly racing AU, BU, ASH and BSH and occasionally running a MOD class. In 1965 a trip to St Joseph, MO resulted in the purchase of one of the last Speedliner A/B boats constructed by General Marine. While loading the boat on the roof of their Dad's car, they were asked if we were interested in purchasing the plans and patterns for the boat. They started AEROLINER after that trip. Unfortunately, their careers took them in different directions for many years. While visiting the Mount Dora antique boat show in 2006, the brothers were bitten by the boat building bug. They still had a number of engines left, some old Keller hardware and most importantly the plans and patterns for the old Speedliner. It took a while to find suppliers for the mahogany wood, to build them just like in the 1960's but the original supplier of mahogany plywood could still supply them. The first continuation boat was completed in early 2007. The brothers look forward to building these classic boats for as long as there is interest. You can find a link to their company, Aeroline Race Boats LLC on our LINKS page.

Click Here to see the Van Weele Collection

Miniature Engine Collection


Imagine working engines so tiny you can hold them in the palm of your hands. These are very rare engines, some could cost you more than the price of an outboard race engine.

Click Here to see the Miniature Engines

Show Us YOUR Motor


This section is dedicated to those of you who have one or two nice outboard motors (but not an entire collection) that you would like to share with us at the Quincy Looper site. If you have a motor you'd like to add to this page, please email us at QuincyWelding@aol.com. Thanks. (Photo is of a Quincy Looper)

Click Here to go to the Show Us YOUR Motor page.