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Mercury Mark 55H with Quincy Pipes


I have been interested in boating ever since I was small growing up and spending the summers on a lake in Michigan. At this young age, I stood on shore in amazement watching Dick Austin, Ken Pangborn, David Hahn, test and run their high performance race boats across the lake. The images are burned into my memory. They did not know the impression they were making on us kids. To emulate them, my brother, uncle, and neighbor kids found my grandfathers old green Mercury Mark7 in the boathouse and bought a $20.00 plywood hydroplane. We would see who could go the fastest. We flew at 15MPH! They could not touch us. In fact they would not even try. We wore out that old Mercury. Well, we all have to grow up. Not all of us can race boats for a living, so... I became a DENTIST. Many years later, I went home and found the old green outboard as we left it, in pieces in a box. I collected the pieces with feelings of guilt for leaving the trustworthy old motor in that condition. I joined the ANTIQUE OUTBOARD MOTOR CLUB, made connections for parts and learned how to get the motor running again. The process of restoring this old motor has introduced me to a world of friends whom each hold an incredible wealth of knowledge. I have since restored and run a 1958 SWIFT 'BIG D" Mercury 55H, Krier "D" hydroplane MOD44ci(Quincy 4 Pipes), 1970's 15' Allison racing hull 99ci Evinrude Strangler, 1950's reproduction Len Lupton 13' 6" Sid-Craft runabout Mercury 66ci Super Marathon Quincy midsection Speedmaster Foot. Several years ago I found the set of Quincy 4 pipes and built the 44ci motor around the pipes. Later, I found the Quincy midsection and built the six cylinder on it. First came the Quincy parts, then the motors. I had a lot of help. Dale Burton, and "The Great Lon Stevens", have done more then help me with my projects, they have inspired me. They and O.F. Christner, were, and still are visionaries. Quincy welding's parts and vision have taken on a life of their own. Thank you! " David Liebetreu

Quincy Welding Pipes on Mercury Mark 55H


Paul Christner attended the October 2007 meet of the Antique Outboard Motor Club near Winterhaven, FL and saw David run this Mercury motor with Quincy pipes in person. You can see other photos of David's beautiful outfit and others on the Lake Shipp page.

Another view of the Quincy Pipes


Mercury Mark 78A


Mercury Mark 78A - side view


This motor has a Quincy mid section and a Speedmaster lower unit.

Mercury Mark 78A - up close


Old Hydro with Mercury Mark 55H


Yes it still runs fast!


Hydro and Mercury Mark 55H from Lake Shipp event


Restored Runabout with Mercury Mark 78A


Restored Allison with Evinrude motor


Restored Evinrude Starflite


Allison boat and previous owner


The elder individual in the pictures is the previous owner of the Allison boat, Maurice Lloyd whom I purchased the boat several years ago. He was very successful with it in the southeast in the 70's. The Evinrude 99ci is a KC13 and the predecessor to the strangler. David

David with his restored Allison boat


Evinrude Starflite up close


Evinrude Starflite up close (2)


Evinrude Starflite - back view