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Frank Novotny


Frank standing between 2 of the Quincy Loopers from his collection. Frank's current collection of Quincy Loopers includes: FA10, FB166, FB218, FC33, FC52, FC62, FC64, FD36, XF34 and the last 44 looper ever made. Quite a collection, Frank!

Quincy Looper - FA10


Frank purchased this restored Quincy Looper up in 2006 from Ted Miller.

Quincy Loopers FC52, FC62 & FC64


Frank Novotny found 3 Quincy C Loopers in 2007. Thanks to the original Quincy Welding manufacturing record books, we could identify the original owners of these Loopers for Frank. FC52: the original owner on record was Phil Crown. The original bore was 2.127, piston dimensions were as follows: 900 -20 over 15 degrees L Ring P.I.B. It was manufactured in the spring of 1965. FC62: the original owner on record was .......hang on, because this is a big find.......the great Bruce Nicholson. Yes, that Bruce Nicholson of championship Alki runabout fame. The original bore was 2.140, piston dimensions were as follows: 905 -20 over 15 degrees L Ring P.I.B. It was probably manufactured late 1965 or early 1966. FC64: the original owner on record was Jim Nichols of Kansas City, Mo.

Phil Crown racing the Quincy Looper engine


Unrestored Quincy C Looper


Frank took pictures of his Quincy C Looper from the original, unrestored purchase all the way through the restoration process to the finished, totally restored Looper. We'd like to share his restoration project with you here.

Unrestored Quincy C Looper (2)


Picture 1


Picture 2


Picture 3


Picture 4


Picture 5


Picture 6


Picture 7


Picture 8


Picture 9


Picture 10


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Restored Quincy C Looper


Restored Quincy C Looper (2)


Restored Quincy Looper (3)


Original Quincy Welding Dyno Card - FC64


This is one of two original Quincy Welding dyno cards for Frank's FC64 Looper.

2nd Original Dyno Card - FC64


FB-166 Looper


This B Looper was originally owned, per the Quincy Welding production record books, by Karl Williams.

FB-166 Looper (2)


FB-166 Looper (3)


FB-166 Looper (4)


FX-34 Looper


Frank has been busy adding to his Looper collection in 2008. In May Frank purchased FX-34, a 44 Looper that was originally owned, according to the Quincy Welding production books, by Walter Courtois.

Corvette full of Looper parts


When Frank purchased the FX-34 Looper, he also picked up a 44 Looper that was never assembled. He brought both Loopers home in his Corvette. More about the 2nd Looper below.

The Last 44 Looper


It appears that Frank has found the very last NOS 44 Looper Quincy Welding ever produced. Why do I say that? Because I was there in 1976 when I believe this Looper was manufactured. The very last assembly line run of Quincy 4 cylinder C, D and 44 Loopers was in February of 1976. I distinctly remember coming back from the Worlds in Phoenix, AZ and climbing up the stairs into the Quincy Welding back finishing area at 5:30 am, to see the final run (which I didn't know then would be the final run) of Loopers sitting on a long bench, waiting for the finish grinding and contouring of the transfer ports by hand. This was done before final block stamping, piston sizing and assembly (or packing/shipping if bought as a kit, which was a block - head - piston - crankcase assembly). I wish I could go back in time to take a photo of that table full of new and what I consider to be beautiful, new, hand made racing engines. This engine appears to be brand new, never assembled or used. It also appears to never have had studs installed in the block. The excellent photos indicate that. Quincy Welding only made 2 44's in that last run in 1976. Remember, we were heavily involved in the design and production of the Z engine at that time. What makes me think this was the very last one produced is not only the fact that it is NOS, but also because it has no Quincy serial numbers stamped on it or bore size stamped on it. It also has NOS pistons, never used, with the latest triple chrome plated rings that we were using at that time. Another indicator of it's status is the central combustion chamber cylinder heads -- they were used on the very last Loopers Quincy Welding ever made. We experimented with them earlier on, but we never sold (that I recall) a set with a 44 until the last engine. I think I know where the other 44 from 1976 is located, and it has both a serial number and bore size stampings on it. I also noticed the ports - I recognize my hand filing work on them from the photos. There are other traits that indicate to me that my analysis is accurate. This motor, from a collector's standpoint, has to be extremely valuable. Not because it has a racing history, but because it appears to be the very last one made. The fact that it is NOS and never assembled or run makes it even more special, along with the fact that 1976 was also a special milestone for our country. -- by Paul A. Christner

Last 44 Looper - back of block


Last 44 Looper - exhaust side


Last 44 Looper - heads


Last 44 Looper - pistons


Quincy B Looper - front


Quincy B Looper - rear view


Quincy B Looper - side view


Quincy B Looper


Quincy C Looper


Quincy C Looper - rear view


Quincy D Looper


Quincy F Looper - rear view


Quincy F Looper - side view


New Old Stock (NOS) Quincy Looper F Block


Quincy Looper F - NOS Combustion Chamber


Quincy F Looper - NOS Crankcase, Rear Half


Quincy F Looper - Heads (top)


Gerry (Jerry) Waldman Special Racing Equipment


Frank recently made a great discovery of some very rare racing parts. He found several pieces of Gerry (Jerry) Waldman's specially designed racing equipment, i.e. spalsh cover and tank covers, that were used on Waldman's famous Quincy Welding Loopers. The logos were by AC Spark Plug company, who helped sponsor Gerry's outboard racing career. Waldman was a multi-championship winner that helped Loopers dominate the outboard racing circuits for many years.

Quincy Z - RB Engine


Frank also recently acquired a Quincy Welding "Z" RB engine from the 1970's. The Quincy Z series of RB engines dominated their race class for over 20 years, well into the 1990's.

Quincy Z - RB Engine with exhaust pipes