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XF51 - 2nd photo


I've never raced outboards. Back in the early 50's, though, a friend and I rushed about on some of the nearby Adirondack lakes in, I think it was, a small Roberts-Raft runabout...with a cupped prop!!! It made a decent turn of speed and world-class noise as I recall. We soon went our separate ways and I don't know whatever became of the outfit. That was it for 50 years. The interest, apparently, was never buried deeply. For some unknown reason I bought an old P-65 a few years ago, then built a Hal Kelly Airborne that I sadly lost to the ice soon after. That should have been the end of it, but as you have probably guessed by now, it was another beginning when I had Len Lupton build me a D runabout more cheaply and better than I could do it myself. My paltry "collection" of stuff acquired over the years is less than a patch on some of the amazing things held by your various correspondents whose focus, consuming interest, [and surely their purses] far exceed my own. Philosophically, I have rationalized that my days of spirited riding are behind me, but the spirit remains. Cheers to all. Dave Acker

XF51 - 3rd photo


XF51 - 4th photo


Piston Port Yamato


This is a piston port Yamato from Gibby Peterman's estate through John Harth. The detail work on the pipe rack and the welded up tower is exquisite. Jewelry of the first order. Cheers. Dave

VA Konig


A VA Konig that walked in at a local AOMC meet a few years ago. Part of Gibby Peterman's estate I'm told by his pit man, John Harth, who has become a friend. Dave

Johnson PR


Johnson PR bought from Dudley Malone a while ago. He thought it was one maintained by Walter Blankenstein. Alcohol. Dave

Sid-Craft Boat


This is my DU Sid-Craft built by Len Lupton through hell and high water [literally]. Took a while, but you have to work around hurricanes, I guess, but he did and it's a beauty. I swapped the 55H powerhead for a 58 retro-fitted with a starter. It's been almost 4 years getting it ready. Hope to get some use out of it this year. Dave

Sid-Craft - 2nd photo


Sid-Craft - 3rd photo


Sid-Craft - 4th photo


1934 Indian Sport Scout


For a change of pace - this is the stuff that's occupied much of my adult life...restoring or rebuilding these old clunks. Usually British or Italian, and this is the only American made I've done, a 1934 Indian Sport Scout. Did it almost 20 years ago and recently bought it back. Much too fast for its brakes. Dave

Rokon Motorcycle


This was made in New Hampshire in the early 70's. If you know what this is, you are one of a small universe. Snowmobile drive with a Fichtel and Sachs engine[340 cc]. Goes like hell. Starting is not for old men, this is how I measure my years. One day, I'll wake up and won't be able to start it. Then I'll be old. Dave