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Floyd Hopkins - the beginning


Hopkin's Propeller Shop traces it's history from 1950 when FLoyd Hopkins began racing.

Floyd Hopkins & Claude Fox


Floyd (left) with head of the NOA (National Outboard Association), Claude Fox (right).

Quincy Looper Customer


Photo of a young Glen with his father, Floyd, and their Quincy Looper racing engine.

Hopkins Propellers

Hopkins- shop.jpg

However, the efforts have been directed towards full time propeller work since the late 1960's.

Floyd at work


This experience combined with a fully equipped shop with about 150 pitch blocks, balancing equipment, and heat treating ovens have produced a continual string of champions and record holders.

Nomination of Floyd Hopkins to APBA Honor Squadron


9/15/06 Rick Sandstrom, Chairman, APBA Honor Squadron Committee -- Reference: Floyd Hopkins nomination for induction into the APBA Honor Squadron. It is an honor to place the name of Floyd Hopkins of Covington, Louisiana, into nomination for the APBA Honor Squadron. Floyd’s skill and art and craftsmanship have been identified with top APBA boat racing accomplishments for nearly 50 years. Over the decades, Floyd Hopkins created propellers that won literally hundreds of championships and set hundreds of speed records in the Stock, Modified, PRO, OPC, Drag, and Inboard Categories. Floyd Hopkins built his last propeller on December 14, 2004. The next day he was hospitalized and never returned to his shop. Floyd passed away on March 1, 2005. He was a Marine Corp veteran who served in the Pacific as a tank commander during World War II. He was serving on Iwo Jima when the stars and stripes were raised in the famous photo. Floyd Hopkins served as APBA Region Chairman of Region 9 for many years during the 1960’s. During his time as Region 9 Chairman, Region 9 would typically host over 40 APBA races a year. Floyd also served as Commodore of the Pelican Boat Racing Club, the local APBA outboard race-conducting club for several years. His wife of 59 years, Sue (also deceased), served for years as an APBA Chief Scorer at local APBA races. The list of drivers who have relied on propellers created by Floyd Hopkins goes on and on. Dan Kirts, Jack Campbell, Ed Thirlby, Pete Nydahl, Steve Greaves, Billy Mays, Don Nichols, Bruce Nicholson, Art and Gary Pugh, Sam Haraway, Jim Ransen, Roy Wilson, Freddie Hebert, Mack Adams, Larry Connors and Kevin McAfee are just a few of the drivers who owe their success on the course to the propeller artistry of Floyd Hopkins. And the success of Floyd Hopkins’ propellers is not just across the USA in APBA, but in other sanctioning bodies and around the world too. Floyd’s propellers have won championships in NOA and AOF as well as in numerous other countries across the European continent, Australia, and South Africa. In addition to winning races, championships, and setting records, Floyd Hopkins’ propellers have been responsible for many drivers winning prestigious APBA awards and inductions. These awards include the APBA Hall of Champions, the Colonel Green Round Hill Trophy, the George Townsend medal, and many more regional, divisional, and national awards. While the bread and butter of Hopkins Propeller Service is pleasure and bass boat propellers, Floyd’s heart was always closely tied to racing propellers. Floyd raced for 19 years in the “A” and “B” PRO classes during the ‘50’s and ‘60’s. If a racing propeller needed a quick repair, Floyd was renowned for getting the propeller repaired and back to the racer before the next race. In addition, Floyd made racing propellers a family affair. Floyd’s wife Sue did the paperwork and the shipping and even poured wax props as part of the casting process. And Floyd’s son Glen has built upon his father’s skills in the art of creating racing propellers. The Hopkins-family propeller business was completely wiped out by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In the months since Katrina, Floyd’s son Glen has taken on the enormous task of rebuilding the Hopkins Propeller Service facility and rebuilding the business. There’s really no way to completely quantify the contributions of Floyd Hopkins to the world of APBA racing. But rarely has any single person had such an enormous impact for so many drivers, across such a wide spectrum of APBA racing classes and categories, as Floyd Hopkins. We urge the committee to consider the major significant contributions to APBA racing, as a driver, as a club commodore, as a Region Chairman and as an innovative propeller designer, made by Floyd Hopkins. We urge the committee to induct Floyd Hopkins into the APBA Honor Squadron. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Steve Greaves and Glen Hopkins

Glen racing a Pro Tunnel Boat


Glen later began racing boats as his father did. Here is his sport E-Class Pro Tunnel Boat, that would run about 70 MPH.

Floyd Glen Hopkins III - Glen


Glen Hopkins is life-long resident of Covington, Louisiana and credits his father, Floyd Hopkins, for fostering his interest in boat racing and the mechanics of propeller engineering. Glen was educated at Delgado University in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he studied Business. After graduation from Delgado, Glen began racing PRO tunnel boats for several years. Glen and his father Floyd founded Hopkins Propeller Service in Covington, Family owned, Glen still operates the business in a thriving, small-town atmosphere since Floyd Hopkins' passing in March 2005. Glen has accumulated over 21 years of experience in the Hi-Performance Marine Industry and is certified by the National Marine Propeller Association as a Hi-Performance Propeller Technician. Glen continues now to supply the marine industry today with record-setting national and world champion propeller designs.


If you'd like to contact Glen regarding propellers, the link to the Hopkins Propeller web site can be found on our "Links" page.