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TNT Custom Marine boat


Bud Light Race Boat and Trailer


The driver of the 50 foot Bud Light Superboat Unlimited boat is Mike Seebold, of the famous Seebold racing family. His father, Bill Seebold, won many outboard racing championships over the years and Bill, at one point, raced Quincy Loopers. You can read more about the Seebold racing family on the Legends page, under Seebold. The boat is owned by Dave Scott. This Bud Light team, at the end of the 2007 season, had a total of 68 career wins, 10 national championship titles, 8 world championship titles, 5 top gun titles and 6 official speed records. Update: Team Bud Light took 1st place in the Superboat Unlimited class on Sunday.

Bud Light - race engines


The 50 foot Bud Light Mystic is powered by 2 1200HP twin supercharged Mercury race edition big blocks. The drive train is a SCS Quick charge gear ratio drop box. Propellers are 5 blade SS racing props, and they carry up to 16 custom propellers to each race. The transportation trailer is a Kenworth Caterpillar powered 18 wheeler. A first rate outfit that lives up to it's fame!

Talk N Trash Racing


38 foot Skater race boat.

Team DareDevil


DareDevil races in the Manufacturer Production 4 class. It is an Aerotek with a custom 650HP engine. Team DareDevil's driver is Robert Hanson of Sarasota, FL and throttle man is Scott Rutherford of Bradenton, FL.

Instigator Team Trailer


These superboats, with a maximum length of 50 feet, equipped with up to 4 engines that will produce more than 4,800 HP, and can run up to speeds of 170 mph.

National Guard Team's Race Boat


Team National Guard


National Guard Display (1)


National Guard Display (2)


Team Raven


Team Raven races in the Manufactuer Production 1 class. The boat is a Fountain and it is powered by 2 980HP Mercs. Owner is Randy Knapp of Englewood, FL. Team Raven took 1st place on Sunday in their class. Congratulations!

Team Raven Transport Trailer


Team Fountain Panasonic


This Fountain manufactured boat races in the Super Vee class and gets it's power from 2 525Hp Mercs.

Superboat Race Trailer


Race Boat for Sale


Another Race Boat for Sale


Sunday's Race Results


Racing will be split into two heats on Sunday, with the first heat starting at 11 a.m. for the Factory 1 and Manufacturer Production boats (1-5). The second heat, at 1 p.m., will feature all of the superboats, Super Cats, Super Vees, Superboat Stock, unlimited and turbine boats. Race results with be posted when available. UPDATE: SUNCOAST OFFSHORE GRAND PRIX RESULTS (with average speeds) #1 - Superboat Unlimited winner: Bud Light, 110.25 mph; #2 - Turbine winner: Miss Geico, 111.91 mph; #3 - Superboat Vee Unlimited winner: Team Taboo, 89.30 mph; #4 - Superboat 750 winner: Reliable Carriers, 104.39 mph, 2nd place = J.D. Byrider, 3rd place = Talk 'N Trash; #5 - Super Cat winner: Motley Crew, 96.27 mph, 2nd place = Team Amsoil; #6 - Super Vee winner: Miccosukee Indian Gaming, 82.96 mph; #7 - Superboat Stock winner: Stihl, 84.25 mph; #8 - Manufacturer Prod 1 (P-1) winner: K-2 Marine, 92.95 mph; #9 - Manufacturer Prod 2 (P-2) winner: Miccosukee Indian Gaming, 88.45 mph, 2nd place = Hawaiian Tropic Racing, 3rd place = Muscle, National Guard team did not start; #10 - Manufacturer Prod 3 (P-3) winner: Crazy Greek, 2nd place = Team Raven; #11 - Manufacturer Prod 4 (P-4)winner: Simmons Racing, 72.08 mph, 2nd place = TNT Racing, 3rd place = Pirate Racing, Pump It did not start; #12 - Manufacturer Prod 5 (P-5) winner: Team Velocity, 62.51 mph, 2nd place = V&M MotorSports, 3rd place = JP Motorsports, Shogun did not start.