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Pete Hellsten


Pete Hellsten: APBA Honor Squadron, Hall of Champions, Pro Commision, Competition records. At the age of 16 Pete Hellsten began a 50 year racing career when he repaired a motor and designed a soap box runabout. He won many PRO Hight Point titles and set speed records with engines he designed and built. A PRO Comission corner stone for years, he was an original member of the Long Island Eastern Outboard Racing Club. He served in most every official capacty in many clubs and chaired Region 5 and APBA National Meetings. Pete earned a 1980 Hall of Champions induction and brought his children Chris, Curt and Kristi into racing. Just before he lost his battle with cancer in August 2001, Pete was setting up his new racing shop. Racing outboard hydroplanes was truely Pete Hellsten's passion. (Taken from the APBA Honor Squadron biography on Pete Hellsten.)

Chris Hellsten


Chris Hellsten has set multiple competition records and won 20 national championships. Chris was inducted into the APBA Hall of Champions 5 times. Chris races F-222 in 250cc runabout and 250cc hydro classes.

Curt Hellsten


Curt Hellsten has also set many competition records and holds many national championships. Curt is also a member of the Hall of Champions. Curt races F122 in 125cc Hydro.

Kristi Hellsten Ellison


Kristi Hellsten Ellison also races in 125cc hydro under the number Z-22. Kristi was the 1988 national champion in C-Service Hydro and started racing at the age of 14. Kristi is currently the president of the US Title Series. We watched Kristi at both of the US Title Series race events in Inverness and Lake Wales in 2008 and she should be commended on the excellent job she does managing the race events from start to finish. Kristi makes a very difficult job seem effortless - the sign of a true professional!