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In Tim's own words: "My first day at a boat race had to be the most wonderful day of my entire childhood. I immediately knew that I was going to be a race boat driver even though I was only 11 years old at the time. I talked my dad into building me a boat from plans in Speed and Spray magazine and we put a 12-1/2 c.i. Champion Hot Rod on it. After the first summer that wasn’t fast enough so we updated to an alcohol burning Hot Rod of the same size. That still wasn’t fast enough so we went to another alcohol burner, a 20 c.i. Chris Craft. I grew up on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota. My next door neighbor, Irv Gilliam, was a Chris Craft and Champion dealer. He built my Alcohol burning Chris Craft “B”. It was adapted to a Quicksilver lower unit instead of a Chris Craft racing unit either because of cost or availability. And, I may have gotten the last Hot Rod built at the Champion Factory. After Champion stopped building motors and before Lyle Swanson produced the Swanson Hot Rod, my neighbor went to the factory and they built me a Hot Rod— complete with an alcohol jet and optional open exhaust. Then at age 15, in 1956, I had my first taste of competition in a BU that I borrowed from a friend. I won my first race with a Quincy/Merc (the one with the cast aluminum motor mounted fuel tank with Quincy cast across the rear. A little short course, got to the first turn first and the second place Anzani couldn’t catch me."



After that I pretty much ran Pro, Alky, Outboard, whatever it happened to be called at the time, along with a little Stock and Mod up until the late 1980’s.



The one honor that stands out above all others is when O.F. Christner asked me to join his sons’ Paul and David and become part of the Quincy Welding Racing Team, and drive the prototype “Z” engine for the National Championships held in Alexandria, Louisiana.

1972 - Tim wins at Granite City, IL


Tim holding his prize money, a bag of silver dollars, at Granite City, IL, race event. (Photo courtesy of Tom Berry.)

1975 - Huntsville, AL

June 1975 Al10 Tim Chance.jpg

Photo courtesy of Tom Berry.

1976 - Gadsen, AL

Gadsden Al June 1976 26 Tim Chance.jpg

(Photo courtesy of Tom Berry.)



In 1982 I took 11 firsts, 3 seconds and 1 fourth, won National High Point and won one heat at the Nationals. Then later, I blew over and broke my back in three places plus some internal injuries while running well over the record at Alexandria, Louisiania.



I finished up in the early 90’s with a couple of years of OPC.

2007 & Beyond


Then, after a 16 year layoff I returned to the sport with a 250ccR in the Pro Division. Which means 2007 marked the 6th decade in which I have raced. I have had good years and bad years. I am also proud to say I am one of the founders of the US Title Series.

Highlights of Tim's Career


Some highlights of my racing career include winning: the Mayor Daley Cup in Chicago, “General Grant” at the last NOA North/South Race ever held, a North American Championship in OD, and National High Point in 350ccR.

Boats in the Photos


Photos: 50’s - “B” Hydro, a Swift Big Bee and a Champion Hot Rod. 60’s - “B” Runabout, an 11-6 DeSilva and a Quincy Looper. 70’s - “D” Hydro, a 12’ Marchetti and a Konig. 80’s - 250ccR, a 13’ Krier and a Yamato. 90’s - SST-140, a 17’ Seebold and a 2.4L Mercury. 00’ s - 250ccR, a 13-6 Krier and a MSR Kawasaki. Other: 350ccR, a 13-6 Krier and a Konig. The picture here is of my first real competitive outfit, an "A" Konig on an "A/B" Sid Craft Hydro.

Tim's new runabout for 2008