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Bill Seebold Sr.


Team Seebold Inc., Seebold Racing Inc. and Seebold Sports Inc. evolved from Bill Seebold Sr.’s passion for really, fast motorboats. Born in 1916 in Granite City, Illinois, he began racing in 1941. His wife, Pauline, was his mechanic. Bill Sr. built a speedboat in 1949 that roared up the Mississippi at 58 mph. By the 1950s, he was winning races nationwide. In 1956 he won the National Championship in C Runabout. In 1957 he won the National Championship in C Hydro. Bill Sr. retired from active outboard racing when his son Bill Jr. (Billy) began his racing career. Soon, Bill Seebold Jr. joined his father’s marine supply business started in the family basement. In later years Bill Sr. became well known for his Seebold Propellers, turning out as many as 450 a year. Bill Sr. (known to all as Grandpa) passed away in 2007 at the age of 91.

'Papa' Bill Seebold


Seebold Props


Article from Hydroplane Quarterly, summer of 1970 issue, by Tim Chance.

Seebold Props - page 2


Bill Seebold accepting trophy


1957 High Points


Billy Seebold -1961


Billy Seebold - 1961 World Champion


V45 - Bill Seebold


This is a photo of Seebold being weighed before a race. The engine is a Quincy Looper.

1963-Billy Seebold, General Grant


Billy interviewed by CBS in 64


Best Driver of 1966


Best Driver of 1966 (photo)


Billy Seebold with his championship winning Quincy Welding D Looper race engine.

Billy Seebold - 1970


Bill "Billy" Seebold was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1999 after winning more than 900 races and 69 world & national titles in his 46-year career. He retired after the 1997 season, in which he won the PROP Tour Formula One championship at the age of 57. Most of the drivers he beat that season were young enough to be his sons - including his 2 sons.

Tim Seebold with dad, Bill in 2007


Driving a championship-caliber boat is a dream come true for Tim, who grew up watching his father, Bill, win the biggest boat races in the world. Tim won his first championship at the age of 17, driving a Mod 50 boat to a Mod 90-class Marathon Nationals victory and world record at Lake Alford, Florida. In 1990 he earned the SST-140 championship in the Outboard Performance Craft Nationals at Kankakee, IL. Tim Seebold has won 4 North American powerboat racing championships in the past 7 years. Over the past decade Tim has earned 20 victories, the second-best record in the sport. Career Highlights include: World record holder, Mod 90 1982 - Marathon Nationals champion 1982, 1990, 1991 - SST 140 National champion 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994 - PROP Tour Formula One champion 1998, 1999 - Champ Boat Series champion 2002, 2004 - Second, Champ Boat Series points 2003 - Second, U.S. Formula One points 1993, 1995, 2000 - Third, U.S. Formula One points 2001 - Mount Fuji, Japan, UIM race winner 1994 - Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta winner 1995, 1996 - Sault Ste. Marie River winner 2004 - Saskatoon winner 2004 - Bud Light St. Louis Grand Prix winner 2004 - Roar of the Rockies winner 2004 . Tim Seebold owns Seebold Racing, which fabricates the boats he drives in “ChampBoat” class events. Tim bought the firm from his father in 1998. In racing season, Tim constantly travels but lives in Osage Beach. In 1993, he founded Seebold Sports, which sells motorcycles, ATVs and watercraft.

Young Tim Seebold - Future Boat Racer


Mike Seebold


Bill Jr.’s son, Mike, is also a boat racer. Mike started racing in 1974. For years Mike raced for Team Seebold, but now drives for another sponsor. Mike Seebold has won the Bud Light Grand Prix in St. Louis 6 times. Mike Seebold, previously raced for Bud Light, and was Formula One's driver with the most wins in 2001. In 2005, Mike had the most wins in the ChampBoat racing series. In the fastest of the vee-bottom classes, Superboat V Unlimited, David Knight and Michael Seebold piloted the 44’ Fountain “Shogren Performance Marine” to the 2007 US National Championship, leading every lap of the event. Mike Seebold has over 50 Formula One wins in the US and around the world. The Marco Island, Florida resident continues to hold the mark for most wins in a career with 28 Grand Prix victories.