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Ray Nydahl


Ray Nydahl is well known throughout the outboard racing community not only as a racer, but also as an engine builder and throttle designer. Many of today’s foot throttles can trace their roots to an original design introduced by Wisconsin racer, Ray Nydahl, in 1968. Ray was also a legendary engine builder.

Ray Nydahl race engine - 1963


Ray Nydahl with Quincy F Deflector w/chambers


Nydahl Snowmobile with D Looper engine - 1970


Here is that snowmobile my dad put the D looper in. These pics were taken in April of 1970. The engine was mounted in a 1970 Sno-Pac. These sleds were made in Green Bay,Wi. They were built only for the 1970,71 and 72 model years. I beleive they went out of business after that. The sled ran ok, I think there was a lot more to be done to make it right. Apparently the guy who bought it wasn't paying his bills, so my dad and he parted ways. Don't know what ever happened to the sled or the engine. Pete

Looper Snowmobile (2)


Looper Snowmobile (3)


1971 - Ray's boat with a Quincy 6 engine


1972 - Pete Nydahl washing dad's boat


Per Pete: Heres a pic from June 1972. He ran his 6 banger and an OMC V-4 on his May boat in the "X" class.

Ray Nydahl's C Looer w/chambers - early 1970's


2nd Generation - Pete Nydahl


2nd generation Nydahl racer, Pete, races under the name NCM Racing. Pete also owns and operates Nydahl Crank & Machine in Bristol, WI. This photo of Pete and his wife was taken at the Lake Wales, Florida, races in 2007.

1979 - Pete at Constantine Races


Pete Nydahl at Constantine, MI, races. Pete was running a Quincy "Z" 125cc engine.

1981 - Pete at the Pro Nationals


Pete Nydahl ras running a Quincy Welding "Z" 350cc engine at the Pro Nationals at Lakeland, FL, in 1981.

Pete Nydahl - 1982


Pete sent us this photo from a race in 1982 at Burlington, Iowa. Pete is the driver of the boat. The engine is a Quincy Welding "Z" 350.

1982 - Burlington, IA Race


Pete Nydahl racing at Burlington, IA. Pete was running a Quincy Welding "Z" 350cc engine.

Pete Nydahl Running D Hydro


Pete Nydahl's 2007 Race Engine


NCM Racing Trailer


Pete Nydahl's 44 Looper


Pete Nydahl's 44 Looper (2)


Pete Nydahl's 44 Looper (3)


3rd Generation - Amy Nydahl


Third generation racer, Amy Nydahl, takes after her father and grandfather. Amy was the 2005 JSH and JSR National Champion. She was also one of the inductees for the 2005 APBA "HALL OF CHAMPIONS" in the junior class.

3rd Generation - Kurtis Nydahl


Pete's son, Kurtis, is now racing in the US Title Series in the K Pro Hydro class. At the 2008 Inverness, FL regatta March 29th & 30th, Kurtis took home a 3rd in his class. His sister Amy, took 1st place. Kurtis Nydahl is the 2007 National Champion in J Stock Runabout AND also 2007 High Point Champion in that class. Kurtis was also the J class inductee into the APBA Hall of Champions in 2007. Quite an accomplishment for such a young race driver! Our congratulations to Kurtis and his entire racing family on their many outboard racing achievements.

Crew Chief Pete Nydahl


Pete acts as crew chief for his 2 children, Amy and Kurtis.

Amy & Kurtis racing K Pro Hydro at Inverness, FL - 2008


Amy racing 125cc Hydro at Inverness, FL - 2008


Winners in K Pro Hydro at Inverness - 2008


Amy took 1st and Kurtis took 3rd in K Pro Hydro at Inverness, FL in March of 2008.

Congratulations to Amy and Kurtis


Congratulations to 12 year old Kurtis Nydahl,the 2008 USTS K PRO Championship in his rookie season. Congratulations also to 14 year old Amy Nydahl for winning the 2008 USTS 125 Hydro Championship in her rookie season. Amy was also recipient of the prestigeous Larry Latta Memorial Trophy for the 125 Hydro class.