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Centennial Park, Sarasota, FL


Centennial Park was center stage for the 27th annual Suncoast Super Boat Grand Prix events.

Wet Pit Area


Boats are lifted into and out of the water by a large crane.

Broadway & Joyland


Broadway Bar is a 27 foot Formula boat powered by a 500 hp Merc. It runs in the Manufacturers Production 4 class. Joyland is the Joyland Country Music Night Club boat, a 24 foot Skater that runs in the Supercat class.



The IMCO boat races in the Superboat Vee Limited class.

Geico Caveman


The Geico Caveman boat races in the Superboat Vee Extreme class. This 51 foot boat weighs in at 18,500 pounds and puts out 2900 horsepower with it's turbine engine.

Stihl Team


The Stihl #13 boat is a custom built 38 foot Skater enclosed canopy catamaran, powered by two 525 Mercury racing engines. This Stihl boat competes in the Supercat class.

Stihl Crew Members


The boat was built by Peter Hledin, owner of Douglas Marine Corp out of Michigan.

Team Vicious


Team Vicious is sponsored by Vicious Marine out of South Carolina.

Team Vicious - Mercs


#41 - 2 Cocks Fight Apparel


The team's 40 foot Skater races in the Super Vee Extreme class, running a 1200 hp custom engine.

Miss Geico Racing


This is a 50 foot Mystic, weighing in at 9500 ounds and putting out 3700 hp with it's turbine engine. The #113 Miss Geico races in the Turbine class.

Miss Geico transport truck


The Miss Geico team set up quite a display, which included trucks, trailers, boats, bike and mascot.

Geico Motorcycle


Some of the Geico Crew


More of the Miss Geico crew


The Geico racing teams put on an excellent display for the fans at Centennial Park.

Geico Mascot & Friend


Joyland on a test run


Joyland, of the DoublEdge Motor Sports team, is based in Bradenton, FL.

WHM Motorsports


The WHM #5 races in the Superboats Unlimited class. This 40 feet long Skater boat is powered by 2 850 hp Mercury engines.

Motorcycles on Display


Motorcyclists participated in a "speed card" ride that ended at Centennial Park on Saturday, July 2nd.

Copper custom Bike


Chrome custom Bike


Electric Blue custom Chopper


Exceptionally nice Harley


Electric Powered Bicycles


One of the more interesting vendors at the event.

Hawaiin Tropic #11


The Hawaiin Tropic #11 boat is a 38 foot Skater running 2 600 hp Mercs in the Manufacturers Production 2 class. This team's driver and throttle man both live in Sarasota, FL.

P4-10 Jeffs Phantom


The Jeffs Phantom boat is a 30 foot Phantom running a 500 hp Chevy engine. It races in the Manufacturers Production P4 class. The owner/driver is from Sarasota, FL.

#21 Cintron


The Cintron team races a 50 foot Mystic boat with 2 1500 hp Stotler Racing Engines in the Superboat Unlimited class.

Twisted Metal Motorsports


The Twisted Metal Motorsports boat is a 40 foot Fountain with 2 850 hp Mercury engines. It races in the Manufacturers Production 1 class. The owner/driver of this boat is from Osprey, FL.



The Popeye-Warpaint boat is a 36 foot Skater, powered by 2 525 hp Mercury engines. It races in the Supercat class.

Still Crazy - Velocity


Still Crazy is a 30 foot Velocity boat built in 1982 and raced on the APBA national circuit in 1983 & 1984 by original owner/driver, Dick Fullam. In 1984 this boat set an APBA and UIM world speed record of 93.890 in Mod-V class with twin GM 350 CI, 500 hp engines. This boat has not raced since 1984. It was restored by current owners, Jordan & Mike Poppa, Jr. The boat was re-painted to the original paint scheme. The engines are now 500 hp Mercs. Top speed is 100 mph. You can watch the original speed trials from 1984 at www.velocityboats.com

Still Crazy - Only in America


Team Velocity


This is a 2007 built 28 foot Velocity boat, running one 550 hp Innovation racing engine. Top speed is 80 mph. It races in the Manufacturer Production 4 class. The driver, Stephen Kildahl, started racing in 2007 and has already racked up 2 FL championships, 1 national championship and 1 world championship. He is the youngest driver to win an offshore race. The throttle man, Steve Kildahl, started racing in 1985 and has 4 APBA/UIM world speed records, 2 FL championships, 3 national championships and 3 world championships.

Miss Superboat Bikini Contest


Bikini Contest Winner


Race Results


SUNDAY'S RESULTS BY CLASS --- Manufacturer Production 1 -- 1. Fountain Talladega; 2. Sheds Plus Manufacturer Production 2 -- 1. Hawaiian Tropic; 2. Zip Express; 3. Team Muscle. Manufacturer Production 3 -- 1. Pump It; 2. Time Bandit. Manufacturer Production 4 -- 1. Team Velocity; 2. National Guard; 3. Dare Devil. Super Boat Stock -- 1. Risk; 2. Talbot Excavating; 3. BP Motorsports. Super Boat Vee Limited -- 1. Absolutely Not. Super Cat -- 1. LoriblueFastboats.com; 2. Team Stihl; 3. Warpaint. Super Vee Unlimited -- 1. Instigator. Super Boat Vee Extreme -- 1. Geico Caveman. Super Cat Unlimited -- 1. Cintron Liquid Energy. Turbine -- 1. Miss Geico.