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Friday - W13 - C Racing Hydro Race


Justin Gibson leads the pack in this heat of C Racing Hydro racing. He would go on to win the class, followed by George Thornhill and Zack Malhoit.

Friday - S-79 Sherman Calwell


Sherman Calwell checks the inside as he enters turn one in the 1st heat of C Racing Hydro. He went on to finish 6th overall.

Friday - C Racing Hydro Race - Jay Walls


Jay Walls Sr, boat H-99, makes a lap in C Racing Hydro.

Friday - F-14 Amy Eldredge


Amy Eldredge glides thru turn one in a heat of 175cc Hydro. She and Bradley Greenslaugh bumped during the heat, taking both boats out of the competition with damage. Amy finished 7th and Bradley 10th. Ralph Donald took 1st place with Buddy Tennell taking 2nd and Diane Murray in 3rd.

Friday - 175cc Hydro


Friday - Diane Murray Taking a Turn in Choppy Water


Friday - Billy Allen in OSY400.


Billy Allen finished 2nd in OSY400, with Amy Nydahl finishing 3rd.

Friday - US-1 Altho John Peeters in OSY400


Peeters started in the middle or back of the pack in all 3 heats of OSY400 but came on strong to win his 3rd consecutive OSY400 National title.

Friday - Jonathan Nilsen in OSY400


Nilsen would go on to finish 5th overall in the OSY400 class.

Friday - Amy Nydahl racing in OSY400


Friday - C-139 Lauren Johnson


Lauren Johnson finished 8th overall in 175cc Hydro.

Sunday - Thirlby & Gessler in 1100cc Runabout


Mike Thirlby (M-47) and Derreck Gessler (C-99) at the start of a heat of 1100cc Runabout. Thirlby and his deck rider, Julia Baker, won the class. Paul Fuchalin and Joe Johnson came in 2nd with Derreck Gessler and B. Vishoot taking 3rd.

Sunday - C-87 Paul Fuschlin


Always a fan favorite at Depue, Paul Fuschlin and his deck rider, Joe Johnson, in Paul's "Screaming Merc."

Sunday - F-14 Amy Eldredge


After suffering damage to her boat on Friday, Amy Eldredge competed in 125cc Hydro on Sunday, finishing 10th.

Sunday - B2 & V-23 Paulie Bosnich


The Prop Riders team pulled this rare Krier hydro out of moth balls for Depue native Paulie Bosnich to run in 125cc Hydro. Paulie finished 6th overall.

Sunday - M47 Thirlby & C87 Fuschlin


Mike Thirlby and Paul Fuschlin racing neck and neck for position.

Sunday - 125cc Hydro Race


C-77 Michael Trujillio, F-40 Buddy Tennell, Z-7 Travis Ellison and D-10 David Tenney start a heat of 125cc Hydro. Travis won the class, followed by David Jones in 2nd and Amy Nydahl in 3rd. Buddy took 4th place, Michael finished 5th and David Tenney 7th.

Sunday - C99 Derrek Gessler in 1100cc Runabout


Derrek Gessler had a strong entry in 1100cc Runabout, but engine problems took away his chance for a National title.

Sunday - start of 250cc Hydro race


Robert Erbel (F26), David Mitchell (F6) and Brandon Thirlby (US-1) start a heat of 250cc Hydro. David Mitchell took the title even though he had to make repairs to his motor after the 1st heat. Brandon Thirlby was unable to defend his title and finished 2nd, with Mike Schmidt taking 3rd. Robert Erbel finished 8th.

Sunday - D-10 David Tenney


David Tenney competes in 250cc Hydro.

Sunday - F14 Amy Eldredge Leading the Pack


Amy Eldredge leads at the start of a heat of 125cc Hydro.

F77 David Weaver


David's team takes his boat out of the water after testing his 250cc Hydro.

Sunday - Y51 Hall Racing Team


Dan Kirts (wearing a cowboy hat) helping out the Hall racing team.

Sunday - X51 Team Krier


Mike and Rich Krier make final adjustments to the outfit for the 250cc Runabout class. Mike had a scary blow-over entering turn 2 of a heat and suffered a cracked pelvis in the incident. Paul Bosnich went on to win the National title in this class.

Final Results - APBA PRO Nationals at Depue


The title winners in each class were as follows: 1100cc Hydro - Brandon Thirlby, 1100cc Runabout - Mike Thirlby, 125cc Hydro - Kevin Ellison, 125cc Runabout - Dominic Difebo, 175cc Hydro - Ralph Donald (congratulations Ralph!), 250cc Hydro - David Mitchell, 250cc Runabout - Paul Bosnich III, 350cc Hydro - Chris Hellsten, 350cc Runabout - Brian Payn, 500cc Hydro - Sean McKean, 500cc Runabout - Jared Gryskiewiez, 700cc Hydro - Sean McKean (congrats Sean on 2 championships!), C Racing Hydro - Justin Gibson, C Racing Runabout - David Verboort, C Service Hydro - Jim Nilsen, C Service Runabout - Jim Nilsen, K-Pro Hydro - Colin Rucker and OSY400 - John Peeters.