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Early photo of Harry


If you have been around outboard racing for any length of time, you are probably aware of the name and reputation of the late Harry "Zak" Pasturczak (aka Pasturzak). Harry knew more about making Konigs go fast and his Zak-Konig race engines showed up in many of the outboard racing record books. Harry Zak was known for his expansion chambers, Zak intake and heads and other innovative ideas. Harry also, in his later years, contributed input and feedback to O. F. and Paul Christner on the R&D work of the Quincy Welding "Z" engines.

Zak Derby Racer - 1940's


Zak Heads on a 1968 Konig


This photo is of a 1968 Konig VD 700cc 4-cylinder opposed 5-port outboard race engine with rare Zak intake and heads by Harry Pasturzak. It has a 14:15 ratio Konig gearcase.

Brother, Nester & Harry - 1976


This photo of Harry (right) with brother, Nester (left), taken at Winona, MN in 1976. Photo courtesy of Harry's niece, Andrea Bushek.

1976 - 6 cylinder Konig


Harry meticulously preparing the 6 cylinder "King Konig" for battle at Firebird Lake in Arizona for the 1976 UIM World Championships. The motor would go on to win a championship in it's class.

Note by Harry Zak Pasturczak


Note and drawing by Harry to a customer with instructions regarding fuel lines.

Harry studying a motor