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Joe Garrick's Quincy M


Joe was a very successful racer in the PRO 125cc M class using a Quincy Z 125cc race engine.

Larry Latta's Quincy M


Larry raced Quincy engines throughout his entire racing career. Larry won several World championships with Quincy racing engines. For more information about Larry's racing career, please see Larry Latta under Racing Legends on this site.

Jim Warren's Quincy Z - A 250cc


This is a photo of Jim Warren's Quincy Z - 250cc twin engine.

Barry Anderson's Z - A 250cc


Barry Anderson raced Quincy engines for many years and worked directly with O. F. Christner on engine development in the late 1970's as an employee of Quincy Welding. Barry's 3 sons also successfully race outboards in the US Title series.

Jack Kugler's Quincy Z - B 350cc


This is Jack Kugler's Quincy Z - B 350cc 3 cylinder engine. Jack won many races and several championships throughout his career using Quincy race engines. His son, Jeff, still races in the US Title Series. You can read more about Jack and Jeff Kugler under the Racing Legends section of this site.

Wayne Walgrave's 6 cylinder Quincy Looper


This particular Quincy Looper won 6 runabout national championships and 2 hydroplane national championships in the period 1960's - 1980's. Wayne won more than 10 national championships during his career in what was known as the F class. This Quincy Looper is now in the private collection of Richard Ollhoff. Richard is a well known and highly respected restorer of antique motorcycles.