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Welcome to the official Christner Family web site dedicated to the outboard racing history and heritage of Quincy Welding/ Precision Machine of Quincy, Illinois, and it's creator, O. F. Christner. O. F. "Chris" Christner was an innovative designer of outboard race engines, including the Quincy Mercs and Quincy Loopers. This site also covers the history of kneel down boat racing from the early 1930's until now and features many of the top racers of the sport. Please enjoy your visit and don't forget to stop in again, as we will be adding more pictures, information and memorabilia in the days ahead. Please note: If you are using dial up to access the internet, some of the pages will be slow to come up due to the large number of pictures. (The Mercury Mark 58 with Quincy Pipes & boat shown in this photo are owned by David Liebetreu.)

History of Quincy Welding

History of Quincy Welding, Quincy Racing as told by the family of O. F. Christner. Be sure to click on the Christner Family Racing Photo Album link for more pictures. What's new: Quincy Welding is part of a display at The Quincy Museum, Quincy, IL, titled "Working and Playing on the Mighty Mississippi."

Biography by Tom Schmidt

From the Biography of O. F. Christner by author Tom Schmidt.

Quincy Welding

Inside Quincy Welding - Photos of the interior of the Quincy Welding shop, including areas not available to customers.

Innovations by O. F. Christner/ Quincy Welding

Innovative racing ideas & contributions, Patents, Etc. by O. F. Christner. The picture is of the legendary Quincy Looper "Beast." You can read more about the Beast on the Innovations page. WHAT'S NEW: More items added to the innovations page, including padded Quincy Merc cylinder and 1950 KG7 experimental exhaust valve.

Experimental 2 - 4 Cycle Engine

The patented experimental 2-4 cycle engine designed by O. F. in the 1980's. This engine is a 2 cycle that does not require the mixing of gas and oil and can run on alternative fuels.

Photo Player

Lots of photos in our photo gallery - old outboard racing photos, outboard motor collections, Quincy Welding related photos, etc. Be sure to click on the PLAY button when you get to the photo player. If you have photos you'd like to contribute to this section, please email us at our link below.

Memorabilia of Quincy Welding

Many pages of Brochures, Price Sheets, Letters by O. F. Christner to Customers, copies of the NOA Rooster Tail monthly magazine, copies of Tim Chance's Hydroplane Quarterly magazine and much more. WHAT'S NEW: New items added to page 12 of Memorabilia.

Events & Collections - Outboard Motors & More

Lots of photos of great collections from around the US. This picture is of an extensively modified Quincy Mark 75H owned and raced by Dick Austin in the 1960's. Dick restored the engine and displays it, along with the original boat, with his collection of Quincy Loopers at various Antique Outboard meets. You can see more of Dick Austin's collection on his page under Collections. WHAT'S NEW: A new page - Show us YOUR motor! for those of you with 1 or 2 motors but not an entire collection.

Race Events - Past & Present

This section is dedicated to current race events, mostly US Title Series, and to NOA & AOF races of the past. This photo was taken by professional photographer, Paul Simison, at the 2008 Inverness Regatta. WHAT'S NEW: Photos from the 2012 Pro Nationals held at Depue, IL & the Boat Racers Reunion.

Great Race Legends

Biographies and pictures of great racing legends, past and present. WHAT'S NEW: Wayne Walgrave has contributed photos from his successful racing career running the legendary 6 cylinder Quincy Looper, XF-41. ALSO NEW: John Stevens and his record setting 125cc Quincy Z engine have been added to the Legends page, along with photos contributed by John, new photos from Alan Ishi and Dick Austin.

Quincy vs Konig

Information about one of Quincy Welding's toughest competitors, Konig of Germany, and the duel between Quincy Welding & Konig over the years. WHAT'S NEW: Photos of Konig powered race bikes from a fan in the Netherlands with a link to his full photo album of Konig racing motorcycles.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events - Races, Antique Outboard Meets, etc. Have an event coming up? Contact us at QuincyWelding@aol.com!